Day 110/365 – On pharmacist-nutritionists

4/20/17 Speaking of topics, I almost forgot to mention – I collaborated on producing an ebook with a group of fellow pharmacist-nutritionists! This is what Dr. Christina Tarantola, PharmD, CHC, who spearheaded the collaboration, has to say about the book: “To say I am proud of these women is a huge understatement. For months I […]

Day 109/365 – On stamina

4/19/17 It’s becoming so hard to think of topics to write about, let alone have enough time and energy in the day to sit down and write. The only thing keeping me going is my promise to myself and my stubbornness. I’m determined to keep this blog going. It’s a symbol of my stamina, my […]

Day 108/365 – On field botany

My field botany in Brooklyn, NY 4/18/17 Yesterday I was looking for a spot in Brooklyn to do some field botany. I got my tree, shrub and flower field identification guides and set out to find greenery in a concrete jungle. I didn’t find any abandoned lots with sprawling weeds, but I did find some […]

Day 107/365 – On Easter

4/17/17 Easter has been a staple holiday in my family, and my mom’s favorite holiday. That’s one of the many reasons it brings me joy. It always reminds me of bright sunshine, spring, and colorful eggs and pastries. The message of resurrection is both stark and light, some may even say magical… Easter, like many […]