Graduates of Build Your Holistic Herbal Practice

Unbelievably amazing course - the science that backs up the herbal remedies & just the overall format, engaging with other members, the various presentations the class provides to each other so interesting; the encouragement of the community.
I loved that the program was self-paced but I had the ability to ask questions any time. I like having the ability to revisit modules, especially the mindset ones. My wins include selling more herbal products at the pharmacy and regularly, resulting in thousands of dollars in increased profitability!
The amount of material presented was ample enough to ensure I am the best holistic practitioner. I absolutely loved the breakdown by systems and how to apply each herb appropriately. Also, getting to see case studies and other students MM's were really helpful and insightful. Overall, the HHP course provides more than enough of what is needed to succeed!
This course helped me recognize that my goals were not realistic and learned how to adjust them to my season of life. I gained confidence in alternative therapies and legal aspects of incorporating pharmacy practice in coaching which is more enjoyable for me.
This course was extremely thorough in helping me increase my herbal knowledge as well as give structure for establishing an herbalism practice. Having weekly group meetings to learn about herbs and be a part of case studies is a key component to helping us feel comfortable doing these things on our own. Marina is extremely helpful with feedback and guidance throughout the entire course.
Marina’s program is chock full of information about the appropriate use of herbs, how to create your own formulations, and how to build out your herbal business. She also thrives on building an herbal community of learners, so that you have opportunities to learn from each other and also share what you are learning as well.
This course helped me gain a broader knowledge of holistic approaches, and I loved going back to the basics or what our medicine originates from. I learned a lot about starting a business and will be implementing it step by step.
Marina helped me reflect on and focus my social media presence - which allowed me to attract 3 clients within minutes of announcing the launch of my business on social media channels. I have been able to confidently suggest herbal products to my clients based on their needs as a result of the clinical pearls I learned.
I learned so much that I am just starting to apply to myself. I also learned how to make slides and did presentations which is something I haven't done in many years.
The HHP course gave me a broad knowledge base in the Herbal world. I filed paperwork and purchased webdomains for the business. Finding out people are interested in a pharmacist with herbal knowledge!
Thanks for everything you have done for me! You literally changed my life and I am forever grateful for stumbling into this world! This program ultimately helped me understand pharmaceuticals better too, and why they have the side effects that they do.
I took Dr. Buksov’s herbalism class to expand my knowledge of treatments and approaches to disease and wellness. This class is a great resource for innovative therapies.
All major systems are reviewed, herbal therapeutic interventions, and alternatives that provide specific results are given in HHP for me to be able to use or formulate my own specific blend confidently for almost any ailment.
This course delivers everything you need to start your own holistic herbalism practice from learning how to balance the body through herbs to the mindset shifts needed to be successful in a practice!
My favorite part of HHP was the breakdown of most common herbs used and why, as well as the different types of practices that can be complemented by herbalism. I would 100% recommend this course to others!