Laurie Valencia Schwartz

My favorite part of HHP was the breakdown of most common herbs used and why, as well as the different types of practices that can be complemented by herbalism. I would 100% recommend this course to others!

Laurie Valencia Schwartz is a visionary Functional Pharmacist, with 20 years of pharmacy experience.  She currently holds the role of Account Manager for L-Nutra offering education and sales for the fasting mimicking diet Prolon.

She is embarking on an entrepreneurial role in establishing a Wellness Center and is CEO of Healthy Aging Rx.  Her vision is to merge standard community pharmacy and create a co-op with like-minded functional practitioners that focus on root causation and minimize pharmaceutical interventions.  She has worked in diverse pharmacy settings including Cancer Center and transplant/specialty pharmacy as well as Community Pharmacy.

Laurie has specialized in establishing positive relationships with physicians, patients, pharmaceutical representatives/manufactures, healthcare organizations and third-party providers.  She has a personal interest in functional wellness with focus on diet, supplementation and lifestyle changes to enhance patient outcomes and attain therapeutic health goals.

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