Stacy Young

Upon completion of the Holistic Herbal Practice Course (HHP), I felt as if I had advanced significantly in incorporating Herbalism into my current private practice. All major systems are reviewed, herbal therapeutic interventions, and alternatives that provide specific results are given in HHP for me to be able to use or formulate my own specific blend confidently for almost any ailment.

As I practice my own brand of medicine, as all Doctors do, I have an extremely positive outlook on being able to effectively offer my patients and wellness clients herbs as a therapeutic means for minor or major ailments. Even before I completed HHP, I was able to confidently recommend the course to others.

Dr. Stacy Young is Clinical Consultant Pharmacist with her own practice in South East Florida. She is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University and received her post graduate Doctoral degree in Pharmacy Practice at Palm Beach Atlantic University. From a young age, Dr. Young, has been influenced by her Grandmother and culturally in the use of natural and herbal medicines as means to clinical treatment a wide variety of ailments. 

In her private practice, Dr. Young combines elements of Allopathy, Herbalism, Nutraceuticals and Quantum Healing Techniques including Distance Energetic Healing. Of late, she was introduced to Quantum Healing modalities via Reiki then Infoceuticals. She later received her herbal training via Dr. Buksov, also a Pharmacist and Clinical Herbalist.


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