Jill Bates

This course helped me recognize that my goals were not realistic and learned how to adjust them to my season of life. I gained confidence in alternative therapies and legal aspects of incorporating pharmacy practice in coaching which is more enjoyable for me.

Dr. Jill Bates is a precision medicine pharmacist and is passionate about healthcare that is personal to an individual and based on a foundation of lifestyle medicine. She advocates for humanity in the health and wellness space.

Her team offers services that use a whole health approach pairing wise traditions with modern day evidence to support healthy families and joyful lives. She aims to help parents create and lead healthy families.

Wellness is personal and you are the expert on you. Her unique programming supports you to access your inner resources to change unhealthy behaviors. We use a client centered approach called motivational interviewing, which is a form of talk therapy designed to help people find the motivation to make positive behavior change. Additionally, the process of Whole Health Education (TM) incorporates only evidence based and cutting edge strategies that look at the five aspects of health: physical, emotional, nutritional, environmental, and spiritual (TM) that can influence wellbeing.

Connect with Jill at https://www.wiselywellrx.com/.

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