Jessica Orloski

I loved that the program was self-paced but I had the ability to ask questions any time. I like having the ability to revisit modules, especially the mindset ones. My wins include selling more herbal products at the pharmacy and regularly, resulting in thousands of dollars in increased profitability!

Jessica owns an independent pharmacy that promotes health & wellness through holistic medicine OTC options, drug-induced nutrient depletion education, and offers holistic & functional medicine consults.

She is passionate about supporting women’s health through their motherhood journeys from preconception through postpartum, emphasizing mineral balancing & helping moms feel their best again by addressing postnatal nutrient depletions due to the body’s demands of making a baby & breastfeeding.

She believes that food & herbs are our first medications and likes to educate her patients “How to eat for…” (whatever their diagnosis may be).

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