Evelyn Gelleta

I took Marina’s Build Your Holistic Practice course because I recognized that many people in my community were asking natural health questions at the pharmacy. My pharmacy education only briefly touched on natural health products so I did not feel well equipped to adequately answer these questions. Through Marina’s detailed lectures, committed presence, as well as getting to form a family-like relationship with classmates where we meet every week, I now understand the natural health side of things in much more depth.

I enjoyed learning about the herbs and medical conditions the most. The lectures were so detailed and easy to follow I really appreciated that! It ultimately helped me understand pharmaceuticals better too, and why they have the side effects that they do.

This course has ultimately helped me understand the body and health better, and the many different ways one can restore health. I wasn’t particularly seeking the business knowledge at this time in my life, but I am grateful to have learned this additional valuable information so that if I do decide to ever run my own business I will have a good template for things. As the first Canadian graduate, Marina took additional time and effort to answer my questions or help understand my Canadian related issues and laws. For anyone looking to just simply enhance the knowledge regarding holistic medicine in an easy to follow and welcoming program, this is the course for you!

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