Danielle Nelson

This course was extremely thorough in helping me increase my herbal knowledge as well as give structure for establishing an herbalism practice. Having weekly group meetings to learn about herbs and be a part of case studies is a key component to helping us feel comfortable doing these things on our own. Marina is extremely helpful with feedback and guidance throughout the entire course.

Dr. Danielle Nelson is a Functional Health Practitioner with a Doctorate in Pharmacy who specializes in gut health and nutrient deficiencies. After using her background in pharmacy, combined with her knowledge of drug induced nutrient depletion, she created an optimized nutritional supplement plan to help her deal with fatigue, stress and anxiety. She utilizes cutting edge technologies like genetic testing and well as hair, tissue and mineral analysis to provide personalized recommendations for individuals. Danielle is passionate about educating clients on the six foundations of functional medicine and navigating day-to-day lifestyle changes to achieve their wellness goals. 

Learn more and connect via https://pharmdintegrativehealth.com/.

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