Denise Wolff

Denise Wolff
Unbelievably amazing course – the science that backs up the herbal remedies & just the overall format, engaging with other members, the various presentations the class provides to each other so interesting; the encouragement of the community.

Denise Wolff, PharmD | CEO & Founder of Denise & Co, LLC | Former Executive Director at Pear Therapeutics | Award-winning Market Access Executive at EMD Serono, Inc. | Executive, Prescription Digital Therapeutics Pioneer |Market Access Expert |Healthcare Entrepreneur

A visionary in the realm of market access and healthcare strategy, Denise L. Wolff, PharmD, has established herself as a leader passionate about making a difference in patients’ lives. With roots in Minnesota and a comprehensive educational background from the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy, her career spans multiple facets of the healthcare sector.

Denise’s journey includes founding Denise & Co, LLC, directing strategic market access initiatives at Pear Therapeutics & EMD Serono. Her tenure at EMD Serono, Inc. has seen her lead teams across national accounts and manage pivotal drug launches. Denise’s commitment to excellence is evident through her numerous awards and consistent goal-surpassing performance. An esteemed member of the managed care, lifestyle medicine, & holistic herbal practice communities, she continues to evolve her expertise with ongoing certifications & patient advocacy. Denise’s profile is that of an inspiring leader seeking to drive change and foster access to innovative therapies in an executive capacity.

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