Day 122/365 – On fertility awareness

5/2/17 I recently took a pilot class with Katinka Locasio, of Earth and Sky Healing Arts ( in Long Island City. She’s becoming a certified Fertility Awareness Monitoring educator, and this was the launch of her class, consisting of 3 group lessons and a private consult. Though I’m trained as a pharmacist, have taken tons […]

Day 121/365 – On V-steaming

5/01/17 Yesterday I had the pleasure of volunteering for an event in the city called Cycles and Sex, where all things related to female health, fertility and sexuality were put in the spotlight. I was there as part of Katinka Locasio’s booth for her practice Earth and Sky Healing Arts, where she offers services such […]

Day 120/365 – On energetics of water

4/30/17 Continuing from yesterday’s post on the quality of water, according to Ayurvedic tradition – the energetics of water and other liquids influences the medicinal properties of aqueous preparations. The practice of making ‘rasayana’ by letting water sit in a crystal vessel in the sun- and moonlight seems beautiful and healing, and it’s no wonder […]

Day 119/365 – On the quality of water

4/29/17 Something a lot of people may take for granted is the vehicle used in medicinal preparations, since plant constituents and actions are often sought out for therapeutic effects. The simplest and most profound healing often happens through vibrational medicine, which is best preserved in our number one nutrient: water. Water’s crystalline structure is able […]

Day 118/365 – On Angel Wing Begonia

4/28/17 I initially stumbled upon Angel Wing Begonia (Begonia hirsuta) when I realized I dropped my pen somewhere in the Hidden Garden when Vanessa Chakour (herbalist) was giving a brief plant walk and introducing the concept of plant allies. I retraced my steps, then noticed this cool looking plant under my feet and stooped down […]

Day 117/365 – On herbal dentistry

4/27/17 Recently, we had a guest lecturer at Arbor Vitae – Leslie Alexander, author of Dental Herbalism. Just prior to the class, I purchased the book, and it came just the day before, so I was able to get it autographed in the class! The class itself blew me away, and made me think of […]

Day 116/365 – On networking

4/26/17 I hate networking events. I’m an introvert (mostly) and shy, and get uncomfortable when I have to introduce and ‘market’ myself to others. But, it seems like one of those things that get better with practice. I recently went to an event for Brooklyn’s young entrepreneurs, in a beautiful space atBerry Park in Williamsburg. […]

Day 115/365 – On spiritual midwifery

4/25/17 I just watched the documentary Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin & The Farm Midwives. I was blown away! I’ve recently been more and more drawn to women’s health and reproductive issues, fertility and pregnancy – as well as post-partum and being a mom, etc. Seeing this documentary was so inspiring, and the concepts shown […]

Day 114/365 – On transportation

4/24/17 There is no winning with transportation methods in NY: train, car, bike, cab…usually result in traffic, frustration, delays, parking issues, and/or lateness. I seem to experience all of these on a regular basis. When I take the train, there are construction issues, sick passengers, or malfunctions that result in delays and changes in routes/services. […]