Day 138/365 – On fruit punch

5/18/17 Sometimes it’s hard on our stomachs to eat cold, raw foods. In modern day woes of indigestion, leaky gut, and SIBO it’s advisable to eat all foods cooked until the gut lining is healed. That means no smoothies, raw salads or cold things in general – including beverages! But how can we get the […]

Day 137/365 – On the secret skin healer

5/17/17 I’ve written about it before – but I’ll say it again: I’m obsessed with propolis. My new fave is Susanna Raven’s tincture blend from Raven Crest Botanicals. It’s incredibly potent yet not abrasive like other alcoholic preparations, and delicious when used internally. It’s a great first aid tool to take at the first sign […]