Day 161/365 – On Farmer’s Markets

6/10/17 I wanted to share an amazing resource for New Yorkers looking to buy goods from local farmers as well as to participate in a growing community. This website provides locations, hours of operation and individual farms represented at farmer’s markets across NYC. It also has links to educational resources, composting sites and hours, and […]

Day 160/365 – On herbrally events

6/9/17 Just stumbled upon this great hub of any and all herbal-related events all over the country and wanted to share! This highlights everything happening in your area, organized by state. I know I’ll be using this a lot, I hope it’s a good resource for anyone else looking to connect with other herbalists and […]

Day 159/365 – On herbal stress busters, part 2

6/8/17 Today is the day! Or tonight is the night, I should say. Carly Wertheim and I taught our first class at Radicle Herb Shop in Brooklyn. It was a raving success! We started with a brief meditation and getting the feel of where the stress manifests in our bodies. Then we learned about what role […]