3-Herb Vegan Pesto

Garnish with a sprig of fresh herb on a nice dish and serve on some gluten-free crackers or as a spread for sourdough bread!

How To Make Kombucha

Boil water to fill ¾ of your main jar; transfer to spare jar
Add white cane sugar, preferably raw and organic

Raw Chocolate Pudding

Blend until smooth and creamy texture achieved. You may add a bit of coconut oil to help make it richer

Vegan Cultured Tricolor Sauerkraut

Ingredients: Purple cabbage, chopped – 1/2 to full head White cabbage, chopped – same amount Carrots, shredded – 1 cup Sea salt (I used this one containing sea vegetables – yum!) – 1-2 Tbs, to taste Filtered or spring water Mason jar, 16 oz Mixing bowl Optional: dried goji berries or raw cranberries – 1/2 […]