Build Your Holistic Herbal Practice


2 in 1 Start Your Holistic Herbal Practice Course

6 Month Online Course

**Early Bird Special: 2 one:one 30 minute calls with me**

This program is for medical professionals who want to start a holistic wellness business that incorporates plant medicine. It will give you the basic knowledge and understanding on how to procure and use herbs, how they interact within the body, and how to incorporate them into a holistic wellness routine for yourself and your clients. In addition, it will teach you the steps of setting up your business structure and gain the confidence and clarity to run it!


  • Weekly education, action steps, and group calls with like-minded peers and professionals

    • Each week get access to a pre-recorded and live lecture

    • Hour-long calls each week with group to discuss lecture and answer questions with mastermind

  • Jump start your holistic wellness biz with mentorship, education and support from peers!

  • Get paired with accountability partner to complete assignments each week, to keep you on track with goals


    • Get a surprise guest in the pharmacy/herbal business

    • Other Special Bonuses to come!

    • ***EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: 2 VIP calls with me, 30 minutes each (LIMITED to first 3 people!)*** – $500 value!!

Week 1: Intro + Fundamentals
-Intro/philosophy, main tenets of herbalism: PDF handout, video file 

-History of Medicine Slide Decks – Bonus


Week 2:  Classification systems

-Herbal actions: PDF handout 

-Energetics PDF

  • TCM – patterns of disharmony
  • Ayurveda – doshas
  • Western American – Tissue state


Week 3: Business Basics

Setting up your Biz

-Forming LLC – PDF

-Structure/services (Pyramid, Calculating desired income) – PDF


Week 4: Basic Botany

-Plant families – PDF handout

-ID guides + resources


Week 5: Digestive + Skin

-Digestive PPT

-Skin PPT

-Calendula PPT


Week 6: Medicine Making/Physiognomy
Medicine Making PPT




Week 7: Using the body as a map for diagnosis

-Face-reading, tongue, and pulse reading PDF


Week 8: Bone Health

-Bones PPT

-Bone health PDF




Week 10: Muscles + Inflammation

-Muscles PPT

-Pain and inflammation PPT


Week 11: Immune system/Intake

-Immune system PPT

-Immune herb PDF


Week 12: Conducting an  intake + Law

-Sharing examples of intake forms, assessments, patient recommendations, and legal disclaimers

-Legal considerations PDF


Week 13: Cardio 

-Cardiovascular, Lyme

– Hawthorn MM


Week 14: Respiratory 

-Respiratory system

-Respiratory herb PDF

-Schisandra berry PPT


Week 15: Phytochemistry
-Phytochemistry PPT


Week 16: Mindset + Branding

-Building a brand + niching down PDF

-Mindset and confidence practices PDF




Week 18: Nervous+Mental Health

-Brain Chemistry PPT

-Herbs for stress PDF


Week 19: Male+Female

-Female cycle, fertility, menopause PPT

-Male PPT

-Raspberry leaf MM

-Urinary PDF


Week 20: Business of Herbalism

-Tour of Radicle Herb Shop – video

-Herbal Practice Considerations – PDF or slides

-Legal questions – PDF


Week 21: Thyroid health

-Hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, autoimmune conditions – PPT


Week 22: Adrenals + Insulin

-Adaptogens PPT

-Blood glucose metabolism/Diabetes PDF


Week 23: Endocannabinoid

-Endocannabinoid system PPT

-Cannabis MM PDF


Week 24: Marketing

-Cold outreach, using social media, SEO – PDF


Week 25:

-Final Call, Exit Interviews

-Student Presentations