S02E13 – Bridging Pharmacy and Functional Medicine with Dr. Lauren Castle

In this episode, I’m doing a deep dive into bridging pharmacy and functional medicine with Dr. Lauren Castle, PharmD, MS. She is the founder of the Functional Medicine Pharmacists Alliance at, whose mission is to integrate pharmacists into the practice of Functional Medicine, and Functional Medicine into the profession of pharmacy.

Lauren completed her Doctor of Pharmacy from Ohio Northern University and her Masters of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States. Lauren also works as a Market Health and Wellness Director for Walmart and serves as a social media influencer at @DrLaurenCastle on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Please tune in to learn more about how was born and how you can benefit from membership. Lauren also highlights the different FM programs available and the pros and cons of each. Also listeners can enjoy 10% off FM CE credits at, with the code “fmpha.”

Music by Gene Chaban.

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