S04E01 – Biohacking by Blending Nature and Pharmacy w/Dr. David Morcom

Hi everyone, welcome to SEASON 4 of the podcast! I’m super excited to be back, and to announce that the podcast will now be called “The Holistic Pharmacy Podcast” to better reflect the subject matter. (The first few episodes were recorded before the rebranding, so I still refer to it by its old RawFork name in those.)

I had no idea when I started the podcast that it would evolve in this way, but I did know that I wanted to share people’s stories. It has evolved from me reading my blog posts out loud, to interviewing non-traditional pharmacists, including herbalists! Season 4 will air every Friday, highlighting inspirational pharmacists that chose to fit out of the proverbial box and are working to build a new system of care, focusing on natural and preventative medicine.

We will kick off episode one with my first-ever LIVE recording of a podcast that streamed simultaneously on Facebook! Technology is super cool and I’m just trying to keep up and be open to the possibilities! I had a ton in common with this first guest of the season, Dr. David Morcom, a native Texan and a fellow practitioner of Functional Medicine.

David has fused his background in modern pharmacology and the newest research in herbs, nutrition, mindfulness, and lifestyle medicine. With an integrative and holistic approach, he aims to understand each patient as a whole and their condition at its root.

Dr. Morcom has a wide range of specialties allowing him to understand the body at the biochemical level, but he also understands the interconnections of the various systems to intelligently guide patients from chronic disease back into optimal health and balance. 

Dr. Morcom has a strong passion for brain health and mood imbalances, specializes in dealing with difficult cases of bacterial/fungal overgrowth, and is an expert in the field of Nutrigenomics and Genetic Analysis. By using a unique blend of advanced diagnostics and intuition, Dr. Morcom is able to unravel the cascade of variables that have led to disease, design an individualized treatment plan to get people better, and empower his patients through diet/lifestyle education to be able to maintain their own health going forward.

“My philosophy is based on the belief that the human body is a remarkable system that is innately self-healing, and with the proper use of whole foods, herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle changes, one can strengthen and support the body to achieve optimal health.”

Connect with Dr. Morcom here:

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