S05E04 – Pharmacogenomics, Medication Deprescribing, & Health Cost Savings w/Dr. DeLon Canterbury

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I’m honored to have partnered up with the Pharmacy Podcast Network to reach a wider audience of pharmacists and other healthcare professionals that can get inspired by some of our amazing guests. Today’s guest is no different, and I can’t wait to introduce him. This episode was recorded a while back and our guest has been up to some exciting projects before we got a chance to air it, so make sure to take a look at the shownotes to check out the links we share and to explore his more recent ventures.

Dr. DeLon Canterbury is the CEO/Founder of GeriatRx, a senior care consulting company specializing in Pharmacogenomics, Medication Deprescribing, and Health Cost Savings for providers, caregivers, and patients. Fired in the height of COVID, DeLon took the opportunity to pursue his passion for patient advocacy and empowerment while battling for health equity by addressing social barriers to care. Instead of pursuing another corporate job, he invested in himself and started his own company. GeriatRx has saved his patients well over $150,000 within its first year while keeping loved ones from being involuntarily committed into a nursing home. In the past year, DeLon has garnered attention from numerous media outlets, including ABC, NBC, CBS, and PBS, while also serving as a local COVID expert.

GeriatRx is a pharmacist-led medication management company that focuses on helping overwhelmed caregivers stop their loved ones from being overmedicated using genetic-drug screening, deprescribing, and health cost savings strategies. They specialize in developing medication action plans for patients of all ages, but with a specialty in Geriatric care. Unlike your traditional pharmacist, GeriatRx develops a three month strategy to address overmedicated patients using a holistic and evidence-based approach in accordance with your prescriber so that there are no gaps in communication of care.

Founder of the Deprescribing Accelerator, DeLon envisions all pharmacists and senior care providers as Deprescribing Advocates and coaches professionals how to integrate Deprescribing into their clinical practice! He provides a concierge and personalized approach to health solutions, helping to address financial barriers to care while bridging health care gaps using a specialty service of medication therapy management. His staff are also certified pharmacogenomics counselors, meaning that they are able to screen for harmful drug interactions with your body, and get a closer look at a patient’s genes to assess harmful medication risks in therapy.


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