S05E09: Nitric Oxide and Immune Health, a Holistic Pharmacy Podcast Journal Club

Join host Jenna Carmichael, PharmD for a discussion on the role of Nitric Oxide in immune health with guest, Beth Shirley, RPh, CCN. 


Beth Shirley, RPh CCN is a Registered Pharmacist and Certified Clinical Nutritionist who has developed unique expertise as both a pharmacist and certified clinical nutritionist during a distinguished 40+ year career which she has been a pioneer at the cutting edge of the evolution of what has now come to be known as “Integrative Pharmacy” …the junction between traditional pharmacy and the clinical use of nutritional supplementation. 


Since 2009, Beth has worked in close collaboration with some of the world’s leading thought leaders in the field of nitric oxide research. Through this, she has developed an in-depth knowledge on the topic and its potential beneficial applications in multiple aspects of patient care. In addition, she has worked closely with the scientific community and cutting-edge companies working on innovative nutritional ingredients and approaches to their use for a variety of life’s challenges.


Beth is currently the Executive Director of Berkeley Life Scientific Advisory Board. 


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Dr. Jenna Carmichael of Wobbly Arrow Wellness is a holistic oncology pharmacist and health coach. She works with women on the cancer journey looking for a different perspective on wellness.  She combines her knowledge in the oncology space along with holistic healing methods of meditation, reiki, and yoga to help empower her clients to choose the path that works the best for their goals. She also offers genetic testing services to get a true, personalized idea of how her clients process their medications for safe and effective therapy. Go to for more information on her services. 

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