S05E15 – Using Tech for Better Symptom Control, A HPP Journal Club

Join host Jenna Carmichael, PharmD on this episode of the Holistic Pharmacy Podcast, Journal Club Edition for a discussion on Symptom Management Among Cancer Survivors: Randomized Pilot Intervention Trial of Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback with guest Angela Orr, RPh.

Angela Orr, RPh is a Stress and Health Management Coach. She is a certified HeartMath practitioner, certified Stress and Well Being Assessment provider, Executive coach, and pharmacist of 37 years.
As a serial entrepreneur Angela has had many businesses, including owning and operating two independent pharmacies for 15 years in Maine.

She decided to go on a healing journey after a breast cancer diagnosis and realizing stress was killing her. On this journey she explored modalities around physical and mental health. Angela found several that she believes helped to save her life.

She then courageously sold her pharmacies and pivoted into coaching and mentoring to share her knowledge. Her speciality is using the HeartMath techniques and technology to help clients heal at an epigenetic level.

She has also developed employee/team stress and health management programs. Her clients are primarily health care organizations, hospice organizations and independent pharmacies.

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Dr. Jenna Carmichael of Wobbly Arrow Wellness is a holistic oncology pharmacist and health coach. She works with women on the cancer journey looking for a different perspective on wellness. She combines her knowledge in the oncology space along with holistic healing methods of meditation, reiki, and yoga to help empower her clients to choose the path that works best for their goals. She also offers genetic testing services to get a true, personalized idea of how her clients process their medications for safe and effective therapy. Go to for more information on her services.

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