S05E17 – Trailblazing the Future of Pharmacy with Blair Thielemier

It was an absolute honor to interview my next guest, as she’s somewhat a celebrity in the pharmacy leadership and entrepreneurship space, and is the mastermind behind her coined term “pharmapreneur.” I have respectfully looked up to her for quite some time, and was thrilled to not only invite her on the show, but that we had so much in common in the way we view health and healing.

Blair Thielemier, PharmD, is a business development consultant specializing in pharmacist-led billing models. She consults on and produces e-learning programs for state and national organizations, pharmacy wholesalers, payers, and technology start-ups.  She has books and online courses available for individuals looking to leverage their pharmacy knowledge into monetized clinical programs at 

She speaks internationally about trends in leveraging pharmacists to improve value-based care.

Make sure to stay tuned til the end of the episode where Blair shares some amazing upcoming opportunities including a healing and leadership retreat!

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