S05E18 – Destigmatizing, Deprescribing and Disrupting Mental Illness with Dr. Fred Moss

Get ready to deconstruct everything you’ve ever thought about the field of mental health and psychology. Today I’m honored to bring in the esteemed Holistic Physician, Restorative Coach, Podcaster, Psychiatrist Expert Witness at Welcome to Humanity – Dr. Fred Moss.

Dr. Fred has been actively practicing in the mental health field internationally for over 40 years, and as a psychiatrist, has been an unwavering stand for the transformation of the prevailing, disempowering conversation that encompasses the industry globally. He is a firm believer that conversation, communication, creativity, and human connection are ultimately at the source of all healing of all conditions in all fields.

Along with being a highly successful restorative/transformational coach, his signature technology, True Voice Podcasting is for people who are ready to take their lives back by speaking their authentic message into the world. TVP is designed to guide people from all walks of life, who are ready to rediscover the confidence and courage necessary to bring their full and real humanity back into all areas of their life.

Dr. Fred’s conversations and talks are designed to be thought-provoking and compelling and leave audiences refreshed and revitalized, with a new sense of what it really means to be a human being.

Dr. Fred Moss, MD is the foremost expert on delivering your True Voice into the world so that it can heal. Your voice matters. Your voice can heal.


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