S05E20 – Intermittent Fasting and Cancer: A Holistic Pharmacy Podcast Journal Club with Preet Mankoo

Hello and happy new year 2023! I hope you all enjoyed wonderful celebrations with family during all the winter holidays, had profound reflections of the passing year and set some amazing intentions for the year ahead.

I had planned to release this episode before the new year to close off season 5 and open up a new chapter of season 6 in 2023, but due to some technical issues I wasn’t able to pull it off in time. But hey no one’s perfect! I’m chalking this off to several planets going retrograde for the next little while…

Either way, I’m choosing to focus on what did go well, and even better than planned with the podcast last year, and I want to thank everyone who contributed – including my cohost Jenna Carmichael (happy belated birthday by the way Jenna!), the Pharmacy Podcast Network team, and all the guests we’ve had on this season. 

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And now, without further ado, please join my cohost Jenna Carmichael, PharmD on this episode of the Holistic Pharmacy Podcast, Journal Club Edition for a discussion on Prolonged Nightly Fasting and Breast Cancer Prognosis  with guest Preet Mankoo, BScPharm, MSc, CCPA. 

Preet Mankoo is a Certified Professional Cancer Coach and Breast Cancer Expert with a 20+ year background in healthcare as a pharmacist. Preet combines her extensive knowledge of drug therapy with evidence-based complementary and integrative therapies to help her clients create and implement a cancer recovery plan. Her approach to cancer care is to address 4 key areas that affect cancer initiation, promotion, and progression – nutrition, environment, lifestyle, and mental/spiritual health – in order to encourage cancer recovery and discourage cancer recurrence. Preet’s mission is to empower men and women with cancer around the globe with the tools and integrative strategies they need to formulate their own cancer recovery plan.

Please enjoy the season finale and I’ll see you back here for season 6 in early February!

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Dr. Jenna Carmichael of Wobbly Arrow Wellness is a holistic oncology pharmacist and health coach. She works with women on the cancer journey looking for a different perspective on wellness.  She combines her oncology knowledge and holistic healing methods of meditation, reiki, and yoga to help empower her clients to choose the path that works best for their goals. She also offers genetic testing services to get a true, personalized idea of how her clients process their medications for safe and effective therapy. Go to for more information on her services.

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