S06E03 – Dieting Less and Counting More Nutrients with Macro Coach Ashley Dwyer

Welcome back to episode 3 of this season of the Holistic Pharmacy Podcast. I can’t wait to showcase the incredible lineup of guests for you this season!

Today I’m sharing a TON of value about dieting, fasting, and metabolism with powerful information and insight from Dr. Ashley Dwyer. She is a Pharmacist, ACE Certified Health Coach, and former NPC athlete who after going through a slew of her own health issues due to extreme lifestyle habits, left the traditional western medical model to start her own company and really help others through holistic healing. 

Her team, TeamBDN coaching, specializes in holistic nutrition, macro tracking, metabolic restoration, individualized fitness plans, accountability, and community, helping women eat more and reach their health goals. 

Dr. Ashley is also certified in plant-based nutrition, Health Mindset Coaching, and Functional Nutrition and Metabolic Science. Her goal is to help as many individuals as she can feel their best and reverse years of metabolic adaptation.

So without further ado, let’s welcome her to the show!

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Quote: “Having sufficient protein is not only important for hair, skin, and nails, but for optimal metabolic health and weight management!”

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