S06E07 – From Soulless Career to Heartful Parenting with Ziba Ansari-Orlando

Welcome everyone! I’m thrilled to introduce Ziba Ansari, an experienced pharmacist turned parenting expert, who echoes our shared “aha” moments about life, parenting, and spirituality.

For 17 years, Ziba pursued a fulfilling career in pharmacy, yet the birth of her daughter stirred a shift within her. Prioritizing quality time with her child, she transitioned to per diem hospital work, a change that proved beneficial during the pandemic. Despite work stressors, she consciously cultivated a serene home life, mirroring the world she wished to inhabit.

Ziba’s transformation revealed a passion for guiding parents and enhancing children’s potential. Inspired by her daughter and her spirituality, she wrote and self-published “The ABCs of Life to Nourish the Mind and Soul of Children” in December 2021. Her daughter was her muse and her gateway to higher dimensions of consciousness.

Following this, Ziba ventured into Energy Medicine Yoga (EMYoga) instruction and became a certified parent coach. Blending her pharmacy background, EMYoga expertise, and years of spiritual practice, she established “A Heartful Path”. This platform is a nexus for parents seeking self-care and fostering genuine love for their children.

Recognizing the need for holistic parenting support, Ziba aims to equip parents with strategies for their demanding role. She likens parenting to marathon running; it requires nourishment, sleep, and a resilient mindset.

Ziba’s core message to parents is to preserve and embody positivity, as children are intuitive absorbers of their environment. Acknowledge parenting’s challenges and joys without succumbing to blame or shame. Be compassionate towards yourself to better support your children.

Understanding the significance of holistic health in our connections with children, Ziba offers a program incorporating yoga, meditation, and coaching. She advocates for a soulful approach to life’s hurdles, rather than relying solely on pharmaceutical remedies.


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