S06E10: A Pharmacist’s Guide to Holistic Fertility and Motherhood w/ Katie Wood

Hello dear listeners, I am just coming off an extended 4th of July break and hope you all are enjoying the summer so far and celebrating every occasion the season offers. One of the things I cherish most in my life is spending time with family, and one of my biggest blessings has been becoming a mother. 

Today I’m interviewing a fellow holistic-minded pharmacist and mother, who shares my passion and belief that we have the power and ability to change our health. Feeling confident and empowered to advocate for your health and health choices. Conventional medicine is not the only way to help with your fertility journey. 

Dr. Katie Wood is a mother, Pharmacist and Integrative Fertility Coach. She is the founder of Pharm to Wellness LLC and brand Happy Nourished Motherhood. Katie helps women over 30 to nourish their mind & body for optimal fertility health so they can confidently conceive with ease. 

Katie comes with 8 years of experience as a retail pharmacist, this background in conventional medicine is what first piqued her awareness that people need more intimate coaching towards health and vitality without depending on pharmaceuticals. After experiencing a lack of support and education through her fertility and pregnancy journey, she became determined to advocate for women’s health. Katie decided to switch to a homebirth halfway in my pregnancy and this feminine-led intuitive pull was the best decision she ever made.

Katie is passionate about supporting and empowering women on their fertility and pregnancy transition into motherhood using her calm, gentle guidance and taking a holistic approach focusing on nutrition, lifestyle, and mind-body connection.

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