S06E11: Holistic Support for Population Health through Intrapreneurship w/ Dr. Rohit Moghe

Hello everyone, I’m super excited to release this next episode that was recorded at the start of this year. We covered so many topics near and dear to my personal and professional mission and I’m so honored to introduce my next guest and what he is contributing to healthcare.

Dr. Rohit Moghe is an ambulatory care & population health clinical pharmacist for accountable care organization (ACO) at Trinity Health Mid-Atlantic. He is originally from the Philadelphia area. Dr. Moghe is a residency-training pharmacist with a master’s in public health and a certified diabetes care & education specialist with over 22 years of experience across various therapeutic areas and whole continuum of care. Dr. Moghe is active in leadership at both Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists as well as American College of Lifestyle Medicine as Co-Chair of the pharmacist group.

His diverse professional and life experience has led him to understand that most chronic conditions don’t need to be managed with medications. However, if we must use them, we should be delivering comprehensive medication management (CMM) and get paid for the work that we do. His specialty is deprescribing medications, BUT, if they are to be ramped down, we must ramp up people’s lifestyle. He uses the six pillars of lifestyle medicine: nutrition, enjoyable physical activity, restful sleep, addressing stress, reducing risky behaviors (& substances), and positive social connections. The stuff we should all optimize, but always pay enough attention to it. He focuses a lot on coaching his patients and clients through change.

He is also a 200-hr yoga teacher registered through the Yoga Alliance and  practices many forms of meditation and deep breathing exercises. Having grown up in yoga since an early age, application of Ayurvedic principles in his lifestyle come naturally to him, including appropriate use of herbal and natural remedies.

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