S06E12: Tips on Long-COVID Symptom Management From Provider-turned-patient w/ Salam Kabbani

Today I talk with a fellow pharmacist who became a patient going through our healthcare system, desperate for answers and having to advocate for herself from the other side of the treatment counter. We discuss what it takes to stay healthy in today’s post-COVID world when so much remains shrouded in mystery, and yet going back to the basics of self-care can still make a difference.

Long-COVID symptoms are very real and affect a significant part of the population. As healthcare providers it behooves us to gain a general understanding of the disease so we can be there for our patients and provide them with symptom mitigation strategies.

Salam Kabbani is an infectious diseases pharmacy specialist at Olathe Medical Center. She graduated with her doctor of pharmacy degree from California Health Sciences University in 2019 and then went on to complete a PGY1 pharmacy residency at Cleveland Clinic South Pointe hospital. Despite being fully vaccinated at the time, she had a breakthrough COVID infection with the delta variant in August of 2021 which was then followed by a long-COVID journey. 

Becoming disabled changed her life in so many ways both good and bad, and she decided to write a memoir detailing her long-COVID journey to raise awareness about the condition, and most importantly to let other long-haulers know that they are not alone and they matter. She is now proudly a patient advocate and believes in spreading empathy through honest and open communication. Her book “COVID Long-Hauler: My Life Since COVID” is available in print, ePub, and audiobook and can be found on Amazon.


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