S06E14: Mapping a Successful Herbal Career by Going Deep w/ Sara Chana Silverstein

Hello dear ones! I am over the moon and beyond grateful to share this next episode with you, where I got to interview one of my herbal teachers. We go deep into clinical pearls from this super-experienced powerhouse of a woman who’d like you to take away the following bottom line: the herbs are here to help heal us, they’re inexpensive, safe and easy to use.

Sara-Chana Silverstein is the author of the book MOODTOPIA: Tame your moods, de-stress, and find balance using herbal remedies…which has been #1 on Amazon. Her book got accolades from Mayim Bialik, Deepak Chopra, and Christie Brinkley.

She is a Master Herbalist RH (AHG), Classical Homeopath, Board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC), wife, keynote speaker, and mother of seven children. She is regularly featured on TV news shows across the US discussing how people can safely integrate alternative medicine with conventional medicine. She is a consultant to many pediatricians, midwives, general doctors, and guest lectures to residents at medical schools.

After working with over 45,000 clients for the past 28 years she saw that most people needed help with their moodiness and created a program that teaches people how to: “BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR MOODS, SO THEY DON’T CONTROL YOU.”


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