S06E17: Unconventional Community Pharmacy Services to Support the Pillars of Health w/ Dr. Deepa Pattani

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I’m back this week with another brilliant pharmacist whose core message is: You are not your disorder, don’t let labels define you! This sums up the failure of our reductionist Western healthcare approach to focus on what’s wrong, and favor evidence based medicine. While this is useful to a degree, there are certainly downsides preventing true informed and empowered choices on behalf of the consumer, and lots of room for patient advocacy.

Dr. Deepa Pattani is a Certified Functional Medicine Specialist, Amazon best-selling author, as seen on Forbes, featured in Authority Magazine, Voyage Dallas, Allen City Lifestyle, CBD specialist, LDN compounder, pharmacy owner, wife and mom of two. 

Dr. Pattani equips frustrated, stressed professionals with tools to stop feeling fatigued, anxious and hopeless and feel sustained energy, in-control and healthy with her 7 step PATTANI protocol that utilizes diagnostic testing and 1:1 coaching so they can live their best life yet. 

Over the past two decades, Dr. Pattani has worked in hospitals and long-term care so she understands that treating the root cause is the only option. As an autoimmune disease educator, Dr. Pattani has helped patients manage weight loss, improve hormone balance, reduce medications and decrease hospitalizations. She has helped over 500 patients in the last 5 years alone and has been a frequent speaker and educator for other medical professionals.

Dr. Pattani has been seen on Forbes, featured in Dallas Voyage Magazine, 2x featured in Authority magazine and has been a repeat radio guest and best-selling author of the book “Unleashing the Storrie Within” can be found on Amazon. She’s passionate about utilizing CBD to reduce medications, micro-dosing with LDN (low dose naltrexone) and holistic healing.


Dr. Deepa Pattani, PharmD

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