S07E02: From Western Medicine to Naturopathic Care with Heather Hardin

I still can’t believe we’re already on season 7 of the podcast – marking 7 years!

And I also can’t wait to introduce my next guest, who I personally got the honor to know as a human and student in my herbal practitioner program. 

Heather Hardin received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Florida in 2005 and is a Board-Certified Ambulatory Care Specialist. After working as a community pharmacist, Dr Hardin became a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy from 2010 to 2018.

Heather currently owns her own health and wellness company, Halo Health Services, where she helps clients find more natural ways to address the root causes of their health concerns, decreasing dependence on prescription medications. She works to identify and address the root cause of conditions instead of merely treating the symptoms. 

Heather teaches yoga, leads meditations, and sells her own CBD products. She also hosts two vodcasts/podcasts: “Pharmacists Out of the Box” and “Nurture Your Soul.”

I’m beyond proud and grateful to feature this beautiful soul!

PS February is heart health awareness month so let me know what questions you have around keeping your heart healthy!

PPS: Hope y’all lovely people had an amazing Valentine’s day <3


Heather Hardin

Connect with Heather Hardin via:

Email: [email protected]
FB: Heather Carroll Hardin
IG: @pharmie_gal
Linked In: Heather Hardin, PharmD, BCACP

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