S07E04: “What-Supp” for Natural Cancer Support w/ Gina Marie Ruffa aka Mama G

What’s up everyone? I have quite a treat for you in store today, as I am introducing you to yet another inspiring guest and powerhouse. Coworkers widely regard her as “Mother Nature,” “Wellness Warrior” and an “Inspiring Health Educator.” As a parent of a child who battled cancer she can help parents with the overwhelming feeling of a childhood cancer diagnosis using her HOPE Prescription.

I’m excited to introduce Gina Ruffa, a pharmacist with decades of experience in hospital, retail, and independent pharmacies. Gina has been a cancer coach and has done extensive research on cancer prevention using natural remedies. Gina had a featured interview on The Truth About Cancer and has helped many people, including her son,  journey through cancer while using natural interventions and alternative approaches. Gina was a guest speaker for the 2019 Reboot Health and Wellness Cruise and has been a commentator on numerous radio broadcasts as well as a sought-after speaker at health and wellness fairs and has hosted webinars pertaining to health and wellness.

Gina is a graduate of Duquesne University School of Pharmacy and completed a hospital residency at Shand’s Teaching Hospital in Gainesville, FL. She is the Founder/CEO of What-Supp (an herbal and supplemental coaching business). She is nationally known for her holistic pharmaceutical skills and takes an integrative approach in assisting clients in individualizing which herbs, SUPP-lements and foods would be most appropriate.

Gina currently works as a consultant for new product developments with and writes monthly blogs. She is a member of NWPSHP Northwestern Pennsylvania Society of Hospital Pharmacists and the FMPhA Functional Medicine Pharmacist Alliance.


w/ Gina Marie Ruffa

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