S07E05: Why Nutrition Plays a Vital role in Your Digital Wellness Practices with Kylen Ribeiro

Welcome back to the show everyone! This week I’m celebrating my daughter’s second birthday, and on that note, I’m also looking to build a better future for our children, and their children!

My guest and I will be discussing how we are surrounded by more toxins than ever before. Scientists and doctors know wireless signals can affect the body, similar to other man-made toxins. On top of this, our food is no longer giving us the correct nutrients we need to be resilient to these toxins. There is a need to help people’s bodies become more resilient to our modern lifestyle, and certain nutritional supplements can help!

Kylen Ribeiro is the Chief Executive Officer at Lightbody and is responsible for leading the strategic growth of the company. Her collegiate swimming career, B.S. in Marketing and Management, and MBA from Florida State University are complemented by a yoga instructor certification and background in digital wellness.

Kylen has been an integral part of creating an entirely new market of EMF protection from her work with DefenderShield, and is passionate about raising awareness about this growing public health concern, especially with regards to children.

Kylen and her team knew they could do more to help protect people from toxins from technology so they set out to complement their external protection products with supplements to help the body become more resilient to EMFs, blue light, and other toxins at the cellular level. Using the latest research and knowledge from their relationships with doctors, physicians, researchers, biologists, scientists, health experts and formulators, they created a new company, Lightbody.

In her personal time, Kylen loves to spend time with her two sons and husband, Alan, who owns Caridian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Tampa, FL.

I absolutely loved our conversation about conservation, innovation, and sustainability this week. Stay tuned to learn about staying well in the modern digital age.


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