S07E06: Health Begins in the Gut w/ Dr. Loredana Marzullo Shapson, PharmD

It’s true what the forefather of modern medicine said about disease originating in the gut. Following in Hippocrates’s footsteps, my podcast guest will be sharing how fixing your gut health can and will help fix any other issues you may have.

Dr. Loredana Marzullo Shapson, PharmD, FNTP is the founder of LifeMod Solutions, a holistic health practice in Newtown, PA. She is a pharmacist turned holistic with the mission to empower her patients to know they can heal at any age by providing answers, education and tools to live more naturally in our modern world. Dr. Loredana earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree (PharmD) at Temple University in 2012 and is a pharmacist licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In addition, she is a certified Primal Health Coach (PHC), a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP), a Reiki Level II practitioner, and trained in energy medicine using muscle response testing techniques to analyze neurological reflexes.

Whatever you put in your mouth, whether it be a food, a prescription medication, a dietary supplement, a nutraceutical, a herb, you name it, Dr. Loredana has the unique advantage of understanding how it impacts your health. After working in a pharmacy for more than 12 years, Dr. Loredana realized that prescription medications are not the answer to our chronic health problems, rather they act as band-aids, masking symptoms, and ignoring the root cause of illness and dis-ease. Thus, dis-ease continues and progresses, new symptoms arise, and health continues to degrade.

Dr. Loredana has dedicated her life to research, continuing education and training, and she has uncovered the leading factors that negatively impact our health. From pain to purpose, she successfully reversed her own health challenges including high blood pressure, weight loss, adrenal fatigue, and recurrent bacterial infections that required multiple rounds of antibiotics. 

Dr. Loredana was diagnosed with high blood pressure at 19 years old, and worked through three doctors that chalked it up to hereditary factors, and took 2 prescription medications for over a decade. After uncovering her root causes, which were heavy metal toxicity mercury and aluminum, she learned how to detox her body. Dr. Loredana is passionate about teaching others how to regain control of their health so they can take on life’s challenges full of youth, energy and vitality.

w/ Dr. Loredana Marzullo Shapson, PharmD

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