S07E11: Stepping into Your Fullest and Healthiest Expression with Sarah Townley

Welcome back to the show everyone! Summer swept in swiftly and it’s already scorching here in NYC. Summer Solstice has just passed, which marks the halfway point between summer and winter. Lots of people are caught up in events and celebrations, graduations, etc. With that said, I’m here with a guest that is not only able to survive as a busy mom, professional, and entrepreneur – but has found a way to balance it all and thrive. She hopes to inspire listeners, help them honor their true desires, and provide some practical advice.

Dr. Sarah Townley, PharmD, BCACP, offers one-to-one coaching for those who want to reverse type 2 diabetes and get off their diabetes medications by addressing the root cause of this disease. As a certified life coach and board-certified clinical pharmacist with years of experience doing this work, she can address just about any physical or mental obstacle to creating a lifetime of peace and freedom from diabetes. She lives in Billings, Montana with her husband and 7 children.

Connect with Dr. Sarah via:
Email: [email protected]
Website: Sarah TownleyThe Type 2 Diabetes Coach
FB: Sarah Townley
IG: @thetype2diabetescoach

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S07E11: Stepping into Your Fullest and Healthiest Expression with Sarah Townley

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PS Sarah and I just hosted an event discussing the importance of high quality water, how to check your water quality, and shared our favorite filters on the market that we personally use. Watch the replay here.

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