S07E12: How Your Face and Body Can Open You To Receive More Of What You Say You Want with Tammy Cho

Hi dear listeners, I cannot wait to share this next episode with you so you can meet today’s guest. 

Her vision is to remove 100,000 leaders from the hustle culture to create meaningful impact and authentic abundance with more peace, ease, and flow, in alignment with their true authentic selves.

Tammy Cho is a former registered nurse turned international best-selling author, Body Whisperer, and Chief Energy Officer of Path To The Heart. Having served in healthcare, and in the psycho-spiritual industry for over 20 years, Tammy blends a proven face and body analysis system, neuroscience, NLP, energy alchemy, and metaphysical laws to help high-achieving entrepreneurs and leaders uncover subconscious challenges and dissolve patterns at the mental, physical, and emotional and energetic levels to step into their authentic self-leadership. As a burnout survivor, Tammy is passionate about helping clients reach their full potential without sacrificing themselves.

Path To The Heart’s Mission is to create a more loving and connected world by inspiring and empowering humanity to embrace energy mastery and step into their Authentic Self Leadership and genius in service to their purpose.


S07E12: How Your Face and Body Can Open You To Receive More Of What You Say You Want with Tammy Cho

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Email: [email protected]
Website: Path to the Heart
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IG: @path2theheart
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