10 Factors that Impact Your Immune System

The immune system is affected by more than most people realize. It takes more than upping the vitamin C or taking cold medicine when you get sick. Let’s build up our immune system even more to give our bodies the most defense against pathogens.

  1. Gut integrity – the gut is one of the largest barriers that stand between you and optimal immune system function

  2. Stress level – periods of high stress in people’s lives can break down the immune system fast! Take some time for you!

  3. Environmental Toxins – not a lot of people think about toxins but they are a huge part of our environment from the air we breathe, tap water we drink, personal care products and more!

  4. Elimination/Detoxification – We can’t always help exposure, but we can support our organs of elimination and detoxification pathways (liver, kidneys).

  5. Sleep Quality/Quantity – Yes this is also a big factor. Your sleep quality (getting deep into delta wave sleep) and getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night allows your immune system to work optimally.

  6. Nutrition – Let’s take a step back and really think about what we are putting into our bodies. This means less packaged foods and more real food!

  7. Physical Activity – Our bodies are designed to move, and the more we more the more we promote optimal flow of the lymph system, which helps detox our blood and is a vital component of the immune system!

  8. Social Factors/Isolation – We are social beings by nature. Isolation from loved ones creates tremendous stress on the body, which wreaks havoc on the immune system.

  9. Chronic Pain/Illness – This creates more stress on the body, and makes the immune system more sluggish.

  10. Lack of exposure – Lack of the immune system’s exposure to people, dirt….other germs….this weakens the immune system’s ability to keep up with new invaders and build resilience. Think about how “Bubble Boy” is the most susceptible to illness.

This is why taking care of yourself in all of these areas of focus is so important!

Comment below if you found some of this information surprising!

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