Day 98/365 – On Earth Element



Yesterday Vanessa focused on tapping into our roots and grounding in the Earth element. We started the day by doing martial-arts movement exercises and a brief meditation session. During the session, we got loose with our bodies and movements, so that we can put our whole weight into the motion for maximal impact. Only when we are completely relaxed, can we use our full potential energy. We can access our power from a state of total groundedness.

This simple concept was such an important lesson to learn. Before we can build, we need a strong foundation. Our roots must be firmly planted so that we can grow strong and tall. Instead of tensing up at the top of the shoulders, as we so often do, it’s important to let loose and carry the power from the bottom up, to culminate with utmost force and steadiness.

We also started our plant ally work yesterday. We had the honor of working with herbalist Ansel, the local craniosacral practitioner and chocolatier. We each chose a plant that ‘called to us’ and Ansel told us what she knows about those plants. Interestingly, what she described seemed to resonate with the individuals who selected those plants. My plant is called Angel’s Wing Begonia. It has translucent red veiny stems, dark green leaves that drape like wings, and delicate white flowers. It arches protectively over the ground it covers, thrives in the shade, and shares space with other plants.

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