Day 130/365 – On rhubarb pie


Recently I’ve been getting rhubarb stalks as part of my CSA with Lancaster Farms. (Btw the stalks have been used as food forever, but the leaves are poisonous!!!) Not knowing much about the plant, I made the rookie mistake of adding it to my salads and soups, which I usually do with veggies. Little did I know this is one sour vegetable! It tasted fine in a raw salad – crunchy and sour, which was okay for my sour-loving taste buds. But boy, did it ruin the taste of the soup! Even my buds felt it made the soup taste sour – in a bad, spoiled sort of way.

But after talking to a friend, I discovered a completely new use for it in dessert, and it totally transformed the sourness of rhubarb. I experimented and ended up pleasantly surprised with the new sweet-sour dessert I created. See my recipe for Raw Vegan Rhubarb Strawberry pie here!

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