Day 176/365 – On Vervain


Last but definitely not least in my go-to stress busting herbs, are two species of the same genus: Vervain (Verbena officinalis) or Blue vervain (Verbena hastata). Vervain is native to Europe, while Blue vervain American – it’s a bit stronger, more bitter, and has more of a downward cooling energy.

*Contraindicated in pregnancy

  1. Expels worms, treats spleen and liver diseases → regulates hormones

    1. Snake bites

  2. Dysentery

  3. Cold, fever – perspiration

    1. Improves circulation, tonic for weakened states, aphrodisiac

    2. Diaphoretic, expectorant, emetic, nervine, tonic

    3. Antispasmodic, especially head and neck tension → even treats movement disorders such as epilepsy

  4. Panic attacks – tonic to prevent them

    1. GAD, elder anxiety, PMS/menopausal anxiety + PMS cravings

    2. Dizziness, restlessness, muscle tension, insomnia, headache, sweating, fatigue

    3. Respiratory tension – asthma

    4. Insomnia due to being over-stimulated, excited or wound-up

  5. ‘People out of their center’ – grief, depression, agitation

    1. For overworked, type-A, rest-deprived people

    2. Impatient with self or others

    3. Over-thinking or worrying


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