Hand Crafted Cotton Masks for Personal Protection (COVID and beyond)

I also wanted to let you know about what another herbalist and friend is up to nowadays. Torin Murphy of Gnome Apothecary is hand-crafting cotton masks (with the help of his lovely partner Brianna) that he is practically willing to give away for free (cost is just $8 for materials used and shipping). These masks can be fortified by putting a piece of HEPA filter into the internal pocket, for those of us on the front lines of the medical force. Additionally, these can be washed and dried, and reused (which is what we’re doing with disposable masks now due to a complete lack of resources!).

I’ve already pre-ordered some for my family and pharmacy staff, and wanted to let you know about this opportunity. Of course, you can also sew them yourself if you’re crafty – just follow the patterns available online for a DIY version! For now, visit

Gnome Apothecary or email [email protected] for inquiries. Torin is also putting together a hefty antimicrobial and antiviral blend he’s named Immunity 2020, so look out for that in his shop! Bonus: use code “DRBOOK” for 10% off everything on his site!

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