3 Awesome Examples For Branding Your Small Holistic Business

Branding Tips For Your Small Holistic Business? Check Out These 3 Awesome Examples… 

Whether you’re only just launching your small holistic or consulting business or you’ve been established for some time, it’s essential to understand that branding is vital for succeeding in today’s digital marketplace. 

With the correct logos and branding, companies can carve out a niche for themselves and separate themselves from other similar companies in their industry. 

But not only does branding help your company stand out from the competition, but things like logos, business cards, graphics, website copy, SEO optimization, and blog posts, are some of the most significant determining factors whether or not people will buy from you. 

Therefore, we thought it’d be a good idea to go over a few of the best examples of genius branding we can find in today’s marketplace! 

Let’s get to it! 


Death Wish Coffee

When you’re looking to brand your business, you want to create a brand that truly stands out from the competition. 

You don’t want to be “just another brand” trying to fight for consumer attention. After all, there are already too many knock-offs and copy-cat brands out there. 

That’s why you need a unique selling point and a branding design that’s different enough to catch consumer attention and get them talking without being overly in your face about it. 

Death Wish Coffee is an excellent example of a brand that makes themselves stand out by labelling their product as “the world’s strongest coffee.” 

Even using the word “death” in their company name works wonders for catching consumer attention! 

Just like their coffee, Death Wish’s branding is super specific, bold, evocative, and even ensures that consumers will take notice! 


Wieners Circle

Not too many companies would feel comfortable being part of a “wieners circle,” but that never stopped this Chicago-based brand from branding themselves with more personality than you can shake a stick at! 

Ask anyone who’s been to Chicago, and they’re almost guaranteed to have a memory of hearing about The Wieners Circle hot dog stand. 

The brand uses bright yellow signs to make their advertising more noticeable than dark colours that would blend into the city


But what’s even more noteworthy is that the brand is most well-known for the playful verbal insults tossed back and forth between employees and customers! 

While we certainly don’t recommend that you start yelling at your customers, The Wieners Circle proves that personality can work wonders for helping your brand stand out and making it memorable! 



Lumosity is yet another brand that’s known almost everywhere around the world. 

The brand offers various brain training games capable of helping individuals improve their cognitive function by playing games on their phones or smart devices. 

But what’s noteworthy about this company’s branding is that they keep things simple while also promoting “brain training,” which might seem strenuous or challenging for some people. 

In terms of logos and graphics, much of the company’s branding includes images of cartoon brains, which is highly fitting since the brand offers brain training as a product. 

However, rather than promoting their product almost as if it were something boring like studying or doing homework, they promote it as “games,” making brain training sound a lot more fun than studying or learning. 

So even for brands that sell challenging products or services, it’s crucial to find ways to keep your branding lighthearted and playful. 


Small Holistic Business Branding Tips 2021

As the old saying goes, there are thousands of ways to skin a cat (I know, I still cringe when I hear this saying, but it illustrates the point!). 

And the same thing goes for small business branding; there are thousands of different ways to approach branding your business to help it stand out from the competition. 

Regardless, it’s essential to be bold, transparent, and take a few lessons from today’s leading brands. 

Then, in no time, your company might even be a household name just like them!

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