3 Tips to Finish off 2021 Strong!

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

As we move closer and closer to the end of 2021, it’s likely we are in a frenzy to rush through the holiday season and towards the beginning of a brand new year.

But I would urge you to not discard the end of the year as an arbitrary empty void. On the contrary, we can still make the best of these last remaining weeks! There are only 2 left – but that’s 14 whole days to squeeze in some very special moments. 


Here are my TOP 3 tips  to finish off 2021 strong:

1. Reflect on all your accomplishments so far this year, and celebrate them – in whatever small or big way that’s special to you. This can be as simple as journaling about your successes, telling someone out loud about them (non-human beings or objects count as listeners too), giving yourself a pat on the back and a radiant smile in the mirror, or doing a little celebratory dance!

2. Tie up some loose ends from unfinished projects this year, or make a scheduled plan on how to execute it in a concise fashion ASAP (or decide to let these projects go, if they no longer serve or align with you!)

3. Take some “me” time to provide much needed self-care amidst the holiday rush (hint: this doesn’t need to drain your time or add MORE to the to-do list). You may choose to start or end each day with saying an affirmation, or jotting down one thing you’re grateful for. You may skip the shower and instead  take a relaxing bath one night. You may greet the sunrise or sunset, spending just a few intentional minutes in peace and solitude. 

And by the way, did you know that the more accurate end of the year according to our seasons and the solar and lunar cycles actually falls on the Winter Solstice? In the Northern hemisphere, it’s traditionally observed on December 21, and is the longest night and shortest day of the year. 

After this date, we will start to welcome more and more light back each day, as we rotate closer to the sun – until the Summer Solstice of the following year.

For some deeper exploration and musings on this topic, and ways to honor and celebrate the Winter solstice, visit Tammi Sweet’s (one of my beloved herbal teachers) blog. 

Share some reflections from 2021 or how you’ll finish off the year – I’d love to know!

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