Forget Multi-Tasking, Accomplish Way More with Single Minded FOCUS

This has been on my brain for the past little while (and I’ve been seeing some others post about it recently, so it’s definitely a collective energy!)


As a pharmacist, I consider myself a master at multitasking.


Who else can prioritize handling emergency cases, processing prescriptions, being on the phone with doctors and insurances, and checking out a customer – all at the same time?! (Oh, and immunizing, and documenting Every. Single. Thing.)


But…this system is flawed.


I have realized that it’s not a very productive way to do things.


Our brains are designed to operate best at one task at a time, with a single-minded focus.


When we try to pay attention to too many things, we are prone to errors and mistakes – which can be very costly, and can even endanger patients’ lives (in the case of the busy health care professional). When you’re trying to do everything; you’re only half-engaged in any one thing, at best.


In other words, you can’t sit on 2 chairs with one butt.

Well, you can try, but ultimately, you’ll not have a comfortable or positive experience…

AND you’ll be taking up a perfectly good chair another butt can occupy!


So from now on, I have decided to just allow myself the peace of mind to spend QUALITY time, enjoying wherever I choose to sit by firmly planting my behind down in ONE target area.


If I’m with my family, I’m fully immersed in seeing my child’s face light up during our interaction.

If I’m working, I go full steam ahead until my laptop keys are too hot to touch, or my eyes need a break from the screen.

If I’m taking a break, I’m fully off screens and moving my body or connecting with nature – intentionally. 

If I’m eating, I’m not checking my phone or doing anything other than focusing on each bite and socializing with those at my table.


What’s a task you’d like to devote single focus attention to?

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