Herbal Support for UTIs


The next few posts will be highlighting how herbs can be helpful in supporting a healthy urinary system.

I recently went LIVE on IG with @thefulfilledpharmacist to highlight this important topic so be sure to check that out as a resource.

Today I’ll be talking about UTIs (urinary tract infections). A UTI is an infection in any area of your urinary system. This is much more common in women due to the anatomy + physiology in females!

Symptoms include:

-A strong urge to urinate (even when you may not have to go)

-A burning sensation when urinating (may begin minor and turn into severe burning)

-Needing to run to the bathroom frequently throughout the day (passing small amounts of urine)

-Cloudy/bloody urine and/or a strong smell

-Pelvic pain in women near the pubic bone.

-A Urinary Analysis may show presence of leukocytes, a sign of your immune system activated to fight an oncoming infection.

UTIs have been associated as a manifestation of psychosomatic illness, and are a reflection mental and sexual health as well.

Here are some herbs that help support clearing pathogens from the urinary tract:

-corn silk

-diuretics (ex: hibiscus, dandelion leaf, pipsissewa)

-juniper berry

-cranberry (sugar-free)

-uva ursi

Herbs have less side effects and are much safer for your full body’s microbiome + microorganism balance than antibiotics. Herbs can also be just as effective as antibiotics in some cases!

Antibiotics ruin your gut’s natural flora by destroying beneficial organisms…which leads to an overgrowth of yeast and other opportunistic organisms. This will in the end affect your metabolism, your immune system, and how well you absorb nutrients.

The reason why certain pathogens thrive in the urinary tract is due to some disbalance in the first place…so it becomes an endless painful cycle.

And the number ONE enemy of your flora is SUGAR – as it feeds these opportunistic organisms. So definitely avoid sugar + caffeine as they can TRIGGER and worsen symptoms.

Have you had a UTI before? What did you find helpful or something new you learned in this post?

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