How One Decision To Explore Herbal School Changed Everything

I cried at the open house at my herbal school.

I was sitting in a cozy classroom full of eager budding herbalists-to-be, at ArborVitae’s open house back in 2016.

The group gathered was asked to share why they’re interested in herbalism.

When it was my turn, the dams seemed to break and I nearly bawled my eyes out, right there and there. I tried to get the words out through the bitter onslaught of tears.

I was there to change my course. To become more aligned with what I was meant to be doing.

I did not belong in the world where I heavily invested time, energy and money during the last decade of my life

I did not look forward to dedicating the rest of my life in secret resentment of my career choice. 

…Hating the lack of autonomy,

The dogma,

The indoctrination,

The waste,

The desensitization to get me through the day to day.


I was there to explore another side of being a healthcare practitioner.

To search for my own healing, and integrate my fragmented self into a whole being.

And from a place of alignment, be able to serve and share my truth.


I was looking for alternatives, to combine with my allopathic background.

What I found was so much more. I found a sense of belonging. 


I found that I was a unique part of a complex web of the whole macrocosm.

We are all VERY important parts of the whole. Our choices matter.


The truth is I didn’t really know why I was there, and what the future may hold. I just knew I was drawn there and I followed my intuitive nudge.


Herbalism was the door. And when I walked through it I found a whole new way of looking at the same exact world where I lived all along.


What is your door? Are you where you need to be?

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