Spiritual Anatomy & Khichdi

Prayerful Khichdi

I went to an awesome book launch event this weekend at a Heartfulness Meditation Center, and felt how deeply the local community supported the author of “Spiritual Anatomy” (aka Daaji, who I learned was also a pharmacist, and quite a successful entrepreneur at that!).

The vegetarian Indian food at the event was artfully seasoned and scrumptious, and my husband expressed that he can get behind this type of cooking (though he usually prefers meat).

Roma Tandon, the pharmacist who invited me, has graciously shared her Prayerful Khichdi recipe, that I immediately published here.

As you prepare the khichdi, keep the intention of love, healing, and well-being for the people you’re cooking for in your heart.

Let me know in the comments how it turned out!

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