Reclaim Your Power By Taking Responsibility

“With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility”


(Spidey Lesson 101)


The converse is also true.


When you take responsibility, you reclaim your power.


When you blame circumstances outside of yourself, you’re giving your power away to those very things you complain about!


Here’s a thought process I use to help me navigate negative, victim/blaming mentality:


Today, I AM moving forward and looking to support my health and vitality. 


It may not look in a way I expected, but it doesn’t mean I am not shifting and healing. 


The motivation may wax and wane, but that’s part of life. 


I accept the good with the bad (and ugly!). 


I focus on getting back up after falling down. 


I accept what is, surrender to what’s outside my control. 


But…I exercise my power and control on the things that I CAN change. 


That’s how I keep going and focusing on the little blessings, in a very unfair and upside-down world. 


I can’t help anyone if I try to help everyone and solve everything. 


So I take one step at a time and solve one problem at a time.


There is no secret shortcut. 


I walk the path, learn from my mistakes, and try to prevent them, in order to protect myself. 


And I stop and smell the roses and appreciate the beauty still around me.


How do you reclaim your power?

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