Feel like You’re Running out of Time To Live Your Best Life? Read this.

If time is an illusion, why are we obsessed with having MORE of it?


Why do we need to “live forever” – and look younger and sexier with each passing year?


If we realize that our hormones are downstream molecules of communication, why do we find new ways of inputting MORE of them into our bodies (even if bioidentical)?


Our body doesn’t need more hormones. 


What it needs is a supportive environment and precursors from our bodies to properly synthesize the hormones it needs to facilitate communication and healing.  


What we need to have an understanding of our transient nature and pack maximum MEANING in our limited time here. 


If we allow ourselves to fully enjoy and be present in any given moment, we can be at peace.


Not overly concerned with the past or the future; just fulfilled with what is now.




If we are living our best life, we don’t need to count the amount of time until our last breath.


If we feel good in our body, if we tune into the core of who we really are, if we are able to express our authentic self… 


If we become self-sufficient, and maximize our impact to help others thrive…


If we allow openness to give and receive love…


The time spent in this state of bliss doesn’t matter.


It only IS.


We are free. We are eternal. We are souls experiencing a physical reality.


Our purpose informs our health, and our health supports our purpose.

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