S05E01: Defining Holistic, Integrative and Functional Medicine

Hi everyone, I’m super excited to be back with Season 5 of the Holistic Pharmacy Podcast!


And I have some announcements and updates to share with you about what I’ve been up to during the break between seasons.


I’ve partnered with the Pharmacy Podcast Network to expand my reach and to collaborate with like-minded professionals! And I will be changing the format of the podcast to include subject matter expert insights, journal clubs to dissect the latest literature together, and a regular FM segment in addition to bringing you inspiring stories that have always been at the heart of this show.


Joining me today and all season long are my co-hosts Dr. Lauren Castle and Dr. Jenna Carmichael. I interviewed Dr. Castle earlier in season 2, and Dr. Carmichael’s interview will be featured in the very next episode, so stay tuned for that!


We came together to share our perspectives on the various terms we commonly reference when in the realm of caring for our clients’ health. The slew of them can get quite confusing and overwhelming – holistic, natural, naturopathic, integrative, functional, complementary, alternative, not to mention conventional and allopathic!


Join us as we break it down and set the stage for the rest of the season.


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