Sophie’s Choice

I am so sick of debates. Division, misinformation, distractions from what is real. There are always two sides to every coin, and a truth in every lie, which makes it believable.

One topic, in particular, keeps rearing its head over and over again, and decisions by multiple courts, even the SUPREME court, are being brought into question.

If you ask me, I do see the merit in pro-life; of course – in an ideal world – that’s a perfectly ideal stance. But…we don’t live in the ideal world. Alas, our world is real, raw, and filled with painful mistakes and tragedies.

And each of us deserves the ability to make a CHOICE.

In fact, I think that the perception of NOT having a choice in a matter (in this case, of your own body!), is exactly why it’s enraging and entrapping. A person who feels trapped between two terrible choices, doesn’t have much of a choice at all. But they should be allowed to choose, whatever they feel is a lesser of two evils.

The BEST CASE SCENARIO, of course, would be a society and system in place that will help people deal with their choices, by offering some alternative solutions, and perhaps monetary or other types of care. Rather than demonizing, how about being compassionate?

BETTER YET, I’m a proponent of PREVENTION. Rather than having a problem to solve, how about setting systems in place to prevent them from occurring? How about raising our children with love, and educating boys and girls on their bodies? How about instilling love of all creatures and treating each other respectfully, gently, and kindly? How about not painting sexual unions in the light of shame, guilt, and violence?

I believe the answers, and the purpose of our time here, lie in both learning and remembering. We can tap into the truth by surrendering to our intuition and reclaiming our [insert your God-equivalent metaphor] – given power to exist in this realm in the first place. Conversely, we must also arm ourselves with any piece of information available to our rational minds to grasp.

Only from a place of clarity, groundedness, and grace – can we start to unveil fact from fiction. Systemic injustice happens every day, and HAS BEEN, for centuries – by the systems we’ve had in place. But we can break the cycle.

It is up to us to educate ourselves, and seek our own truth. We can look to the cultures and elders that we aspire to emulate, and follow THEIR steps. We can tap into our own power. We can learn how our own bodies operate, and use that information for self-exploration and awakening. We can use ritual, food, plants, and physical embodiment to nourish every part of ourselves.

Instead of falling into traps that have been systematically set up to divide and conquer, we can rise above. Instead of trying to CONTROL our surroundings and our own cycles and reproductive habits, we can learn to REGULATE and balance them by tracking, observing, and feeling. We can turn to the midwives and the herbalists that know the deep, dark, hidden secrets. We are ready to learn (or rather, REMEMBER) them, and to pass them down to the NEXT generation…who will only get the privilege to incarnate if we make haste to change our ways NOW.

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